To make safe and effective clinical decisions, lab facilities need accurate data delivered in a timely manner. DSM Lab provides labs with intelligent, streamlined tools to increase efficiency and improve accuracy.Backed by industry-leading IBM servers and technology, DSM Lab offers a robust database with on-site or remote/cloud managed options, compatible with all major browsers with client applications that are web-based and designed with interoperability in mind.
Custom features include veterinary specimen capabilities.

DSM Lab helps organizations:
• Improve patient safety
• Decrease turnaround times
• Increase revenue and reimbursement
• Adhere to compliance regulations
• Improve workflows
• Decrease labor cost
• Expand outreach markets


System features include:
• Orders
• Analyzer interfaces
• Results
• Result reporting
• Abnormal notification
• Charging and billing
• Outreach services and reference work
• Send-out lab
• Microbiology
• Location management
• Management reporting
• Intelligent quality control and management


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