Ready to streamline your insurance company’s claims process? By partnering with Ingenix and Yost Engineering, Inc. – two of the foremost leaders in claim processing in the U.S. – our clients gain a complete insurance product with the power to processes claims and even test programs.There is an ever-increasing demand for more detailed claims information, and our software solution has been designed specifically for the insurance industry.

Our new system positions DSM users for new regulatory changes, such as 5010 and ICD-10, while allowing users to generate claims automatically, requiring little human intervention. In addition, our insurance claims software has been designed to streamline user experiences with more efficient, automated workflows.

With a built-in scrubbing process, our insurance software solution ensures that all claims containing errors or requiring maintenance can be corrected easily and efficiently.

Insurance claim build profiles have been enhanced with:
• An easy-to-operate interface
• Predictive text searches for last lookups and accurate inputs
• Auto-fill capabilities
• And more!

Discover how our software can help your insurance company streamline operations. Reach out to a DSM expert today!