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DSM Lab System Update

In 2011 DSM assumed the development and support of the CSI Lab System, a system with a rich 20 year history of excellent service, support and reliability. The new year brings with it many exciting changes for our Lab Information System (LIS) clients. While we added LOINC code integration in 2011, DSM continues to add more LOINC related functionality ensuring ease of use and the ability for our clients to meet their Meaninful Use (MU) requirements.

In addition, our development team has begun converting the LIS user interface from the IBM Client Access terminal environment to a new, more modern, web based interface.  DSM has had a very positive response to similar changes made in the business line of products and is using the experience to bring a fresh, user friendly, environment for our lab clients to work.

Check back with us in a few days for some screen shots of the the LOINC code changes and the new graphical user interface.