Novitas has published a newsletter for MS Part B providers in preparation for the upcoming JH Part B Transition. Included in the newsletter providers will find the Cutover Schedule, a Local Coverage Determination (LCD) Crosswalk, and other important phone numbers, dates and helpful hints for a successful transition. To access this information and more, click here. Please call Ursula Mercer at 601-925-6292 for more information on how to be prepared.




DSM is working this week to make the necessary changes to your system to send claims to Novitas beginning next Monday August 20. An update will be going out this evening with software changes to accommodate the difference in Novitas’ transmission system.  Once the update is installed we will make configuration changes to your system with the new submitter id, user id, and password that were assigned to your facility by Novitas.  All of this will be completed by the end of the day tomorrow.  According to the Novitas bulletin at the link below you should stop sending claims to Pinnacle at 1:00 PM on August 16 (Box 1 on the second page).  Starting at 2:00 pm on August 16 we will begin making the final changes to your system to send claims to Novitas and will have your system ready to begin sending claims by the end of that day.  However, according to the link below, you should hold ALL Medicare Part A claims until after 5:00 pm Friday August 17 (Box 1 on the second page).


In summary:
– This change will only affect Medicare Part A claims.  The Part B claims will                 transition in October so you can continue to file them.
– You should STOP sending Medicare Part A claims at 1:00 pm on August 16.
– Do NOT begin sending Medicare Part A claims again until after 5:00 pm August 17.


AR/LA/MS Providers: Be on the look out for correspondence from our new MAC. In addition to a new EFT Authorization Form, providers should receive letters assigning new passwords to existing submitter IDs. These letters include dated material and failing to act by the deadlines will result in payment interruptions. Please fax EDI correspondence to Ursula Mercer at 601-925-2223.

For details about the J-H Implementation, click on “FAQS“.


AR/LA/MS On Board With Our New MAC!

In the midst of all the EDI updates, transitioning to our new Part A/B MAC is right around the corner. Novitas, formerly known as Highmark , will begin this transition with AR/LA/MS Part A in August. DSM is asking all the right questions and informational updates will be posted here. We will help you “weed” through the overwhelming “blast” of information and highlight points of interest for our providers. Stay tuned for these and other updates…

Click here for more information about the JH Implementation.