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Maximizing Claims Reimbursement with Eye ExClaims!

Eye Clinics have long been left with few choices when it comes to claims processing.  Many clinics have to choose between expensive systems, managing the claims process manually or using a patch-work of disparate systems that don’t communicate.  The end result is often unnecessary duplication of work, inefficient use of employee’s time, and reduced claim payments and profits.

DSM has long offered it’s comprehensive claims processing software called ExClaims! to clinics and hospitals.  We are now extending our claims expertise to ophthalmology clinics with the introduction of Eye ExClaims!  DSM can help you maximize your profits and time with your patients by reducing much of your overhead on managing the claims process.

Eye ExClaims! is an eyecare specific, customized, turn-key cloud based electronic claims processing solution.  A solution that accelerates cash flow, maximizes payments and reduces redundant coding, keying and inquiry processes.

  • Eliminates outside coding expenses
  • Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid electronic claims submission
  • Automatic secondary claims submission
  • Management cashflow dashboard
  • Single interface to multiple payors
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) integration
  • Paperless workflow processing
  • User notes and logs provide audit trail of claims
  • Browser based cloud solution
  • Turn-key installation, payor setup and training

For more information, questions or to schedule a demonstration call Al Theriot at 504-909-9387 or use our contact form.