AR/LA/MS Providers: Be on the look out for correspondence from our new MAC. In addition to a new EFT Authorization Form, providers should receive letters assigning new passwords to existing submitter IDs. These letters include dated material and failing to act by the deadlines will result in payment interruptions. Please fax EDI correspondence to Ursula Mercer at 601-925-2223.

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Go Direct!

DSM recently acquired the necessary infrastructure and connections to accommodate direct Medicare transmissions via high bandwidth connection.  In addition DSM has received 5010 Approval from both   Palmetto and Cahaba for direct transmissions.   Transmitting claims through this new infrastructure eliminates the typical 3-day wait to get claims to Medicare through one of the large clearinghouses improving the turn-around time from claim transmission to payment.  This in effect makes DSM your clearinghouse and removes one level of complexity as DSM provides the claim build and posting software as well as the transmission infrastructure.   Only a few customers can take advantage of this direct connection at the moment but soon all customers will have this option.


AR/LA/MS On Board With Our New MAC!

In the midst of all the EDI updates, transitioning to our new Part A/B MAC is right around the corner. Novitas, formerly known as Highmark , will begin this transition with AR/LA/MS Part A in August. DSM is asking all the right questions and informational updates will be posted here. We will help you “weed” through the overwhelming “blast” of information and highlight points of interest for our providers. Stay tuned for these and other updates…

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