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Moving Right Along!

DSM has been busy this summer bringing up EMR interfaces and installing our new insurance programs in customer hospitals. 


DSM now has four different EMR solutions in seven different hospitals up and running.  All are interfaced to our billing system and were up and running by the July 3 deadline.   We have numerous hospitals in our customer base that have contracts signed and will be making the move on bringing up EMR’s in the next six months.  DSM is also in talks with several new hospitals for a tightly integrated solution with our preferred EMR partner, Razor Insights.


The insurance system has steadily been installed in customer hospitals and it also has numerous enhancments in it. A new front-end edit system allows for a much larger number of edits and automatic claim modifications to occur before the scrub is done.  We have also worked with our scrubbing partner to add customer specific edits to occur in the scrubbing process.    The dashboard now includes dollar amounts and number of claims in the bar and pie charts.  The 5010 X12 formatting programs are ready and testing for the January implementation is under way.  Of course, our new insurance system was designed for 5010 compliance from the ground up which made the 5010 formatting a piece of cake.

Mississippi Health Department Discharge Reporting

DSM has installed a new upgraded server for the Health Discharge Reporting System which will accommodate the lab result reporting system that the Health Dept is bring online as well as future systems like electronic surveillance.  DSM has also collaborated to come up with improved reconciliation procedures for the discharge health reporting.

New Servers

Several customers have recently upgraded their servers with the latest Power7 servers from IBM.  The machines are speed demons and make our new web based applications like insurance and time and attendance really whistle.  The difference is truly unbelievable.  The new servers have many great features that we like.  The LAN console for example allows our support personnel to do functions requiring the console remotely.  This allows most of the migration to the new system to be done remotely.  IBM PTFs and operating system changes can be done without a technician being on site.  The machine has many capabilities to make them even more highly available, like RAID-6 which allows for two drives to be damaged and the system will continue running.


DSM is partnering with a third party group for new program development to refresh our entire product line.  Work has already begun with the design and integration of registration screens with our EMR partner, Razor Insights.

Medical Necessity

We now have medical necessity available through our new insurance system as a web service, eliminating the need to have a subscription.   This system is transaction oriented rather than fixed price, meaning you can pay as you go at the same rate as insurance claims and only for the medical necessity checks that are performed.  This is a vast cost improvement over partner solutions with fixed annual fees.


DSM recently completed new certification requirements for IBM with both sales and technical certifications being completed for the new Power 7 systems.  The new Power7 systems have been really moving at IBM, providing some of the highest sales volumes of these systems seen in recent years.