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Razor Insights, Feb. 22nd in Clinton

DSM will be hosting Razor Insights at it’s Clinton office on February 22nd.   Razor is certified, has a shared risk model and has the slickest software we have seen yet.  DSM will also be taking the opportunity to show off our new insurance programs which are ready and for which we are now accepting contracts (clearinghouse and scrubber).   Please come and meet our newest addition to the DSM staff, Usula Mercer, who is dedicated to the new product.   As DSM’s insurance consultant, she will be providing the essential training necessary to effectively use the new software. Certified by the ARHPC as a professional medical coder, Ursula has sixteen years of experience in medical office management.  In her words “It is my pleasure to work with your administrative and billing staff to produce a better understanding of how our product can work for you.”

Contact Glen or Pam if you are interested in attending, 601 925-6270.