On December 15, I reviewed the ONE Electronic Health Record produced by Razor Insights of Kennesaw, Georgia. No pun intended, but it is “one” sight to see.  This unique, patient-centric EHR offers CPOE, Nursing Documentation and Pharmacy Management on the Adobe Flex platform. The product was clearly developed by clinicians with real-world experience.  The company is managed by a talented team who have actually led and performed installations, upgrades and rollouts of CPOE, nursing documentation and pharmacy management systems to hospitals.  From the first look, it is obvious the level of detail this system offers its users.  CPOE leverages the OrderView product from First DataBank that provides comprehensive predefined order sentences to speed medication ordering.  Additionally, the system allows for fast conversion of existing paper based order sets into an electronic format, and this is completely integrated with the CPOE functionality.  The pharmacy system integrates seamlessly with CPOE and allows for tight formulary control, but accommodates handwritten orders faxed to it as well.  Nursing documentation is exceptionally well designed accommodating nursing orders, care plans and assessments.

With healthcare driving to one set of standards and interoperability, the company has created a truly unique product to meet this demand.  The system comes preloaded with industry standards such as NANDA, LOINC, SNOMED-CT, DICOM and offers functionality such as medication reconciliation, clinical decision support and reporting. These areas not modules or components, but are part of the system.  In fact, the ONE Electronic Health Record is a non-modular system that breaks down the traditional walls of departmental hospital systems. With an exciting user interface that is easy to understand and a 90-day implementation cycle, this product can change achieving meaningful use into a pleasurable and economical endeavor.

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