The insurance forum last week was well attended.  We appreciate everyone’s attendance and input on our new insurance system, slated for general availability (GA) in January 2011.  The food, catered by Magnolias Catering and Fine Foods was delicious as usual.   We must apologize for not providing photos here in the post, we were too busy enjoying seeing everybody and conducting the forum that we just didn’t think about taking photos until after the fact.  One great photo would have been our classroom packed with insurance billers from customer hospitals liking what they were seeing on the screen.  The billers had plenty of opportunity to suggest additional enhancements.  A follow-up post will include a summary.  Some of the suggestions were for improvements to the legacy programs and I can say that one particular request  has been completed and will be downloaded on customer servers soon.  The request was for detail information by payor.  Our resolution was to add the ability to include notes and payments on the “Pay Performance Report”. 

Those familiar with the “Pay Performance Report” will recognize the following screen:

By responding to “Print Totals Only” with a blank or “N”, the following screen will appear providing the user the option to choose to print notes and/or payments.

Program updates will be scheduled and sent out in December.  If anyone wants this particular update sooner, please call Pam Cleveland at extension 6270 to make your request.

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