As customers make EMR decisions, they should not forget that the decision to upgrade the financial server has probably been on hold for, well, way too long.  The good news is there are plenty of reasons to upgrade.  Price is the actually the best one, but certainly not the only one:

Encrypted disk –  The Hitech act imposes onerous reporting and notification responsibilities on any security breach when the disk is not encrypted.  We have installed encrypted disk for our customers, and basically you cannot tell the difference in operation, there is no noticeable difference, it just means that if someone stole any data and tried to put it on another server, they would not be able to read it.

Encrypted tape – Do you mail a tape for off-site backup? Do you take a tape home or offsite.  These are all security risks.  The new systems can provide encrypted tape backup which will allow these scenarios without a potential security breach.

Elimination of interactive “governor” – “in Birmingham they love the guv’na”(Lynyrd Skynyrd), but nobody with an IBM i-series ever loved the interactive job governor.  The governor is gone in the new Power I machines, and good riddance because you can tell it.   Not only does the new Power I have an enormous amount of power over the old servers, it doesn’t have the “guv’na”.

More ways…

  • Big tape – in Seinfeld you had the “Big salad” episode, on the new Power I you can get the “big tape”.  The LTO is a terrific tape drive capable of 800Gb of backup per tape, making it possible to do an ENTIRE system save in under 30 minutes. That has been our experience on our most recent installs. 

And more ways….

  • New and improved RAID – “RAID!” Remember the commercials with insects scrambling for cover, well it’s not that kind of RAID and you already have it on your server. RAID-5 protects the system in the event of a disk failure, keyword “a” disk failure. If two drives fail it means reloading the system, big trouble. With the new Power I, you have the option for RAID-6 which protects your system for up to two disk failures at one time.  Sleep good at night, don’t let the bedbugs bite.
  • V6 Release upgrade – in 7x24x365 operations our customer hospitals normally cannot spare the time for a full system upgrade, but many customers are running on older IBM operating system releases which are no longer supported.  If IBM software maint has expired and you have not renewed, which many of our customers have chosen to not renew, the software maint and penalty is expensive. A new system will come pre-configured with the latest operating system upgrade, saving a huge headache of having to upgrade in place and the money for that software maint mentioned previously can be saved.

Large disk capacity – Remember the recent DSH audits for years past?  With the big disks you can take the past WITH you.   In college we used to talk about “some day computers will have a terabyte of disk”, well that day is here. How many do you want?  We wouldn’t sell it without at least one!

Gigabit Ethernet – what kind of bandwidth do you have now? And after EMR implementation?  Say goodbye to the 100MB adapter, Power I is Gigabit, with several ports for redundancy.

And last but not least…

  • Windows 7 Support!    Only “supported” with V6 or greater

POWER 7 and Release 7:   The incredible new Power7 processors are out along with Release 7 of the operating system.  More information will be coming on these announcements.

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