Our summer EMR conference was attended by Bill Rodakowski from Ingenix to kick off the new DSM and Ingenix partnership. The first thing that we discovered about our two companies is that we seem to be lacking golfing expertise. Bill and DSM programmer John Malone were in a foursome with Guy Geller and Emmett Hennessey of Beacham Memorial. I won’t say anything about the golfing skills of our customers, but as far as Bill and John, well….new grass should grow back fine, but the alligators and fish will be coughing up golf balls for months to come. Luckily our lack of golfing expertise doesn’t reflect on the ability of our companies to create a great new insurance system for DSM customers. Bill’s golfing prowess aside, we were glad he came to Mississippi to share information on Ingenix. This powerhouse of a company is one of the foremost leaders in claim processing in the U.S. Something one doesn’t hear mentioned by other clearinghouses is the fact that Ingenix is actually a company many CHs use to process their claims as well as for testing their programs. Ingenix is the owner of Claredi Classic, which was the first comprehensive HIPAA testing solution for testing and certification. DSM’s new product includes Claredi testing and certification. The testing infrastructure will be an integral part of the new system, allowing the programmers to get the jump on new regulatory mandates. This has been a great help in getting our programs ready for 5010 and also validating our legacy 4010 programs in use now.

The Claredi reports provide easy to read reports for both our technical and non-technical staff, making our staff that much more productive and DSM that much more confident in our new product.

In the words of Karen Griffin, “tried Claredi today, neat little tool!”

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